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everyone know about bots problem and they they destroyed the economy
so most of the problems were with the manaston crit , MB , MR .
The prices have already broke down terribly because the robots collect manaston in a crazy way 24/7 no stop, so that they put 1000+ stones per day with very low prices, and this has negatively affected the crafts, as no one is currently making anything from rare stones such as 

also scroll same problem

so if this tame cant ban reobot just make this

let manastone like Crit .MB. attack .MR . drop from elite and instance only

so bots will not go instance or go to kill elite mobs ??? an even if they do they need team and long time to kill 1 mob

so what you think guys ??? and do you have any idea ?

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Bad suggestion. A GM could clear the server of high level bots in just a few hours. It takes way less time, effort, money to do that than to change droptables.


Bots are here because NCsoft refuses to have GMs do manual bans. That's the only issue. They know they can fix the bot issue but they are simply refusing to do it. Probably because a lot of these bots pay siel's aura too.

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