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Steel Rake Treasure Boxes


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this acc. you have 3 way to get.

1- at the deposit key room ( the room at first bar, for who remember there a CAYDON sometimes change for a named shugo drops the key to acess that area, but for sure its a 1.5 content ) PS: i run SO many times MID SR and never see that shugo UP at first bar.

2- in the treasure box upstairs the BAR ( in 1.0 they key was dropped by BOVARIRK ) in 1.5 there a named shugo appear sometimes at the bar drop that key so you can kill him and avoid battle whit BOVARIRK using second floor and the vent to continues the instance.

3- the last boxes i know that can have a chance to drop that acc's is the 2 boxes in RANDOM places in Upper levels. (1.5 content)

i think i never see that on 1.0 .


i remember that cuz in 1.5 starts the event of killing mobs and drop events itens so we use to clean instances to take that itens and for luck we found those acc's in retail.

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