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Pumpkin event in EU


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So I've been fiddlin' around for a few hours on the EU servers.

A very interesting thing is that the EXP/Drop rate buff there is obtained a bit different to here. Basically, there's a coffin in Sanctum/Panda that sits there round the clock, you click on it and it gives you the buff for 1 hour. You can click it again to rebuff when the current buff expires. lol

Just wanted to put that out there.

Oh, another neat thing, unrelated to the event, is (and I'm not sure if it's just a "new player" status thing) when you ascend, you get this gear from your class perceptor: https://imgur.com/zbxtHW0

3 boxes in total, one for the armor set, 2 for weapons. So, your sin can choose 2 weapons, your cleric can choose mace and shield (or 2 staves or whatever), etc. And they look really neat too, different from the eternal one you get here for the homeward bound event and they look different per type, not all the same dress.

Chain example with staff: https://imgur.com/YblXREX

Leather example with daggers: https://imgur.com/ktucwCE    https://imgur.com/typMFol

And on another note, I haven't checked Poeta on the servers here, bu over there that thing got a facelift with walls, stairs, paving etc. O.o

Oh, and I haven't played Aion for a while so I have no clue Petra medals are something EU has or just a different name for what we already have here and for what lvl gear they are, but you know those sack bundles that drop in instances with like scrolls, pots, manastones etc? I did an NTC run and the 20 odd sacks gave me, besides the pots etc., like around 10 Petra medals.

No particular point to this post, just though it's interesting enough to share.

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We have the gear and the face-lift Poeta/Ishalgen here. All characters who haven't done the level 10/level 55 campaign quests get special sets of gear.


Petra medals are what you turn old ceramium and below medals into (65 and below gear), and the petra medals themselves can be turned into spinel medals.

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The buff here is obtained in a different way, but still is not so complicated to get. Even if they say that you need to get some friends to use the candles, actually you do not need to. You can turn on all of them totally alone with a speed scroll. 

In NA we receive a mithical gear. 2 boxes for weapons and 1 for a complete armor set. Everything with 6 manastones depending on your class (and yes, In some classes it is too obvious that the people working on aion, never played the game cause some manastones are not the needed ones, but ok. they tried). The complete gear is at +10 and will be really usefull. I like how it looks. 

As Cheesecake saud, our Poeta has been modified too and looks nice. And petra medals are the new ones too. They replaced all the old ones (from silver to ceramium) and created those ones to have only one medal for everything. Not a bad idea IMO. (but I still have some of the old ones to remember the old times xD )


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