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Going on three months


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I do not know if the CMs read this forum, but just a heads up, IS is dying, a very slow death, its almost impossible to finish PVP daily at times and getting harder for people to find groups for instances, not to mention the economy is hurting, BIG TIME.

Yeah, I get it, it was our choice to join the less popular server, we could have rerolled, I get all this, but we stayed and yes, we reap what we sow, all this I get, my portion of the blame I own, but.

You need to do something to help us, please, otherwise a very low pop server will become a 2 people server.

Things I can suggest :

a) Give us more content, 1.5 should be the min, 1.7 as well would be super.

b) Allow server transfers, I do understand the optics and I also understand the issues this would create

c) Merge the servers

I honestly do not know if any of these measures would help at this time, the server is on its arse, not to mention the game itself, that, for the record, is on you.



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