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I love Aion a lot but NCWest, please permanently ban hackers!


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I've been in Abyss for a while and I can confirm that following players are hacking and ruining the game. Legit players are getting nyerked up by hackers everyday lol. (Thanks for suspending the AP traders last week!)

Siel Elyos: Mrzzfish
Siel Asmos: Iguana, Control, Teemomeow, Rabbies


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Aion is just basically a cesspool for cheaters,hackers bots and AP traders do not even know why these type of people play a game.They should just give these players a server and a 1 button skill that just lets them 1 shot each other ,cause thats basically what it amounts too.

And judging by the elyos and asmos still in abyss rankings guess ncsoft isnt doing anything about them either despite all the evidence given by the community the Wallet wins ,andall of them will be back in no time on new toons doing it all again.

People might have faith if Ncsoft actually named and shamed all the cheaters as they rightfully should be,alas they are protected and we never know who truly got banned.

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