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How Off-Hand Weapon Damage is applied

Sgt Sneak

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I too am interested in this.

Obviously it directly affects the damage of the offhand-auto attack. 

However I don’t know how it affects skills.

Things like sub-stats and manastones add base attack which affects both hands, but enchantment levels only affect the hand in question.


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14 hours ago, Sgt Sneak said:

@The Secret Cow Level Hey do you or anyone else have data on how off-hand weapon and off-hand weapon enchantment level affect skill and auto attack damage. 

I am trying to decide how worth it is to enchant your off hand weapon as an assassin.


Thank you

Have you tried removing offhand weapon and hovering skills? It should change the base dmg of the skill or else it doesn't affect skills damage.

You can get hands on some cheap low level weapons and try it yourself too. Equiped, not equiped, +10 it, etc. Would cost you 500k kinah tops for some lvl 20 green stuff and test on dummies.

If you want specific formulas, then we have to wait and I have wasted your time by making you read this.


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