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Chanter PvP Staff Query


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Which would you say is the better pvp staff combination for chanters, Prime Captain + Prime Captain or Furious Ahserion + Prime Captain?

I heard that the augment effect from 2x Prime Captain armsfusion stacks, so would it essentially be an additional 8.8% pvp attack instead of 4.4%? If this is true, then this combo would have 22% pvp attack from the base 13.2% and the 8.8% from augment. Am I getting this right?

With Ahserion + PC though, I suppose it would be 16.7% from Ahserion plus 4.4% from augment, adding up to 21.1% in total. 


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I believe Harvester + Ahserion is currently the best possible staff in the game. In terms of base damage alone, the harvester staff does 7% more damage than the ahserion staff and 12% more damage than the 75ap staff (more than this if you factor in non-PvP bonus stats like attack and crit). 

Harvester + ahserion vs ahserion + 75ap ------> 7% more base damage but 4.4% less PvP attack

Harvester + ahserion vs 75ap double-combine -----> 12% more base damage but 5.3% less PvP attack

The above was just meant to answer this thread's question, but I agree with Forgotten; you should just save up for 5.8 before considering making a new staff, and if not, make a temporary 75ap staff so that you at least have a headstart in 5.8. Unless you have more kinah than you can spend, I wouldn't recommend spending billions of kinah to make a staff only to replace it when 5.8 hits.

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