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Broker bots 8.0


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@Kibbelz when is support going to look into broker bots this has been an issue since korea made the changes of making everything nontradable and only transferrable through broker. 

Going into new patch we have a set which isn't even guaranteed to be for your class. what's the point of spending 30 experience marks or buying a wrap off broker for like 1b if the item you want to trade will be sniped by a bot. along with that you need to wait every 6 hours for shugo to spawn for a wrap. and your not even guaranteed a wrap cause of limited sale.

either find a solution like make broker npcs respawn every 30 to 60 seconds like on the hour npcs. Or have a service through support where we can open up a ticket to trade to the intended user, but does not consume token.

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4 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

Otherwise make items tradeable again, because trade is basically dead, the only thing we can trade is stigma stones.

And that is made to battle bots, but I can't see how this battles them other than giving them more power to snatch items from broker for free now!

They need to keep kinah brokerable only and it is enough, bots transfer kinah not items. It is not like a bot can produce a dazzling gemstone to sell it. And even if they could make it, they wouldn't care about fees.

The weirdest thing is that brokerable items are not always account wh storable! That makes no sense, you can sell an item to another person but can't even transfer it to the same account but different char.

Are they scared you are going to real money trade an item that belongs to one char of your account to another char of the same account or something?

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