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  1. If there is ANY asmodians playing on Israphel, they should simply reroll on Siel. We haven't even finished 1st month, you still have enough time to catch up. There is nothing good about playing in a server where your side has absolutely no power on anything. And the server is already more empty than full in general. If you are not into pvp, come to Siel, our maps are safer due to the numbers we have in players defending you while you play. You will also get plenty of LFG for instances.. If you are into pvp, come to Siel, we have enough people to pvp and form leagues. If yo
  2. Thank goodness you were there and you saw the numbers. The rest of us should shut up because you know and we don't!
  3. BUT... Elyos are 3 times more in numbers not because of numbers, because of great leadership!
  4. ...oh hell no, Asmodians might even have more number of elyos on Israphel someone told me in another thread and told me not to talk about a server I am not active. Elyos are just smarter (on Israphel only) and they know tactics, you know. They play DnD and YuGiOh so they know! They are real hard core role players, they study war tactics and apply them to Aion and win against the retarded Asmodians (of Israphel only, duh) who outnumber them by tenfold probably. You said Elyos have 5~6 groups for SR and Asmodians none? But that because they do not have good leaders to tell them to make
  5. I have also said this multiple times, kinah is very important in a game that everything is tradeable. I have heard people saying that whales can't play the game good because they paid for it and never learned it. Someone needs to tell the aethertapper that aethertapping for 5 hours, morphing for another 2 and then afk crafting for 3 hours... is not making you a better player at all. We have all seen a whale or two that purchased a ton of things and still lost pvp from every player they found, but predominantly p2w people are those with the extras that usually kill you in no time. The
  6. So let me get this straight, Asmodians went straight to one fortress and started attacking it, elyos had enough people to the artifacts, took 2 fortresses and still had time to go to the other fortress and wipe Asmodians... but that has nothing to do with numbers but tactics! The intelligence is so tough there. You guys should come to Siel, elyos have nothing there! You are so smart you are wasting yourselves on Israphel!
  7. They could have done it because Siel was getting overcrowded and they thought this way people would play on Israphel. But originally they locked creation on Siel Asmodians only, they later did it for the whole server because it was getting many more players than Israphel in total.
  8. Whoever I asked about balance everyone said that Israphel is elyos dominated. Siel has more Asmodians, it was evident by the first day that Asmodian creation on Siel was blocked. Core and top abyss are Asmodian (two forts are balaur), elyos have 2 lower Abyss forts only, it would be a cliche for Siel Asmodians to come here and pretend that the victory is because Elyos are impotent at leading which, is exactly what happens when elyos are dominating a server.
  9. I have been playing Aion since the beginning and these excuses were identical every time. There were times that Asmodians were ruling and the elyos side kept arguing who's fault it is and then times that elyos dominated in numbers and it was always the same accusations. It was ALWAYS about the numbers. The only times that tides could turn were when artifacts played a major role especially in core, that hellfire was literally giving everyone a chance to wipe the enemies. BUT apart from the numbers and balance there is always a threshold, if there are not enough Asmodians to dps the bo
  10. Yes but since everything is scattered around and my attention span is too short I rarely ever make any sense of these short stories in quests. I get what you mean. Also when a quest is super hard it gets into my nerves. Many times some quests aren't even giving enough information, I remember back in the days you either got told the walk through in LFG by someone that already did it or you found the solution on google. I used to play WoW for some time and I never needed any out of the game help to do any of the quests, especially because of the user-made addons that helped in quests and al
  11. I personally never read the quest chat, most of the times it makes no sense and it is not contributing much to any of the lore. If anyone wants to read the lore they can do it in a site like this: https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Game_Expansions https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Empyrean_Lord or search for other in the lore like who is Siel: https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Siel who is Israphel https://aion.fandom.com/wiki/Israphel
  12. You mean affect the drop list? You can do the test in normal mobs, go out and kill a few mobs with siel's aura group, then bring one char and kill, then make that no siel's aura char do most of the dps on the mob and check again. Someone told me the noes with the most dmg affect the drop list. If the mob gets 50%+1 dmg from chars that have the aura then the mob has all drops and only the siel aura chars can loot the green or higher items. If the mob gets most of the dmg from non siel aura chars, the drops are affected by the limits. BUT I haven't done a test to this.
  13. Being outnumbered is the reason Asmodians fail, they went straight to boss room and you simply showed up and wiped them... you wiped them for a reason. Every time a faction is under numbered people always bring weird excuses on how bad the "leaders" are.
  14. The fact we can get whispers from players at level 1 is a big nope. And using the lfg from level 5 as well with the fact we cannot block mails and whispers from people less than level 10. The chat filter is a good thing but not enough to work around the bots all the time.
  15. All Asmodians should play Siel, all elyos should play Israphel, after all Siel is the true hero that gave her life to save the world and Israphel was the ass**le that started it all. We are still in the first month, just reroll to the correct server. Being outnumbered is the No1 reason why people can't do anything in their faction.
  16. I am one of them, I paid for 1 month thankfully not knowing what I will see. So far classic is a slow paced retail, slow casting and hard grinding. So far the only thing I like is the fact I can see the old maps. nothing will keep me here hooked once my month is done. I might rebuy a month if I feel like being more active, otherwise I'll simply use my 1h per day to log, do a thing or two and then leave.
  17. Upscaling the 1080p wouldn't be that hard especially since this is digital graphics. Some wallpapers are gorgeous. This one below is one of my favorites because it is one of the few ones that a mage looking character is not a lolita girl on a skimpy outfit or a super nerdy kpop looking char. Aion has failed sorcerers every possible way so far, including in depiction, but a few are epic and some of the earlier depictions are also good (like the blue image below the red one) They always made leathers look good, like assassins and archer (archers for their bows mostly). Nice
  18. Make another char and do another profession, they are all tradeables anyways. Heck, dual client so you can craft at the same time.
  19. The worst part is when someone will come here to say "I did this fisrt time on my main and 3rd time on my alt, so your point is invalid" or something like that, pretending the RNG is OK because they slept with a catholic priest and opened their... luck.
  20. Pay-once is pretty much identical to free to play eventually. And that will lead to more p2w just like in retail. Heck we even have p2w BCM in classic that is subscription based.
  21. You can edit the bat file while playing, you need to go to char screen and log back in and the filter is applied. That is the best thing you can have finally. imagine putting just "WTS and WTB in the filter, LFG is finally "looking for group" only (excusing the potential LFG drama of course which is always welcome!)
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