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  1. Hourly bundles are a blessing because they drop XP marks.
  2. I was not even able to click on balloon during anniversary event, so I’m not even trying this kind of stuff there. Imo, the merchant should be modified in order to give EVERYONE 1 item per account, that would make a nice Christmas event. Do you think that giving everyone a possibility to farm 1 legendary transformation or 1 imbued weapon will change a big deal in the game ? For now this event looks like this - here are the rewards, guys, that you will never have. “Take a look but don’t touch” like event coin npc says.
  3. Being obliged to use max buffs and pots to be able to complete a daily 5-kill quest is ridiculous. This situation is totally not normal and has to be adressed.
  4. I really dislike the shenanigans event, it is the worst Christmas event I ever seen and definitely the worst one since I came back to the game in March. The only good part is hourly bundles. That’s all.
  5. I’m profiting from this discussion to ask you guys - what does it mean when someone is flagged with a blue exclamation point instead of red in myaion dps ? Does that means they are hacking or what ? Also, can it theoretically be that a person who doesn’t hack is flagged ?
  6. I disagree with all those suggestions : 1) if the stock gets increased to 10 what makes you think someone can’t just buy all 10 for themselves ? 2) if you increase the price, like Arhangelos said, the bots will profit even more from this compared to legal players What I suggest is remove first come/first serve principle and make it available for everyone with a limit of 1 per account. Melons price can be also adjusted accordingly so it doesn’t really becomes such a piece of cake. Now THAT would make a nice Christmas event where everyone happy and no discrimination. Stop making p
  7. I simply don’t understand why there is so much content in this game to make competition within the faction : from world bosses and hidden monsters to event mobs and npc ! The whole shenanigan event is bringing frustration - ppl don’t get invited to event WB alliances, EU players are screwed up again with spawn schedule, everyone has to compete for that additional event npc... This event is ruining Christmas spirit.
  8. That’s why I’m saying I’m happy I got that Modor, I would feel terrible having a minion with healing boost. Me too, I will be aiming for the good Viola but tbh with my luck I may make 10 rerolls ans still don’t get it -_____-
  9. Yeah, I already heard that, but I was near 100% sure that would be disabled because this event is already very rewarding and making it possible with only 2 rank A would be almost equal to simply giving everyone the reward. Yeah, only combine 4 is the right way. About minions, there are many opinions. Btw, viola gives you +15% damage increase, not +15% to your attack but litterally +15% to your damage, like aetherblaze. And when S rank, some effect (around 9%) also applies to your group members, and this is a huge dps buff. Another point of view is to choose a minion which is complement
  10. You must never combine 2 minions, because if you combine 4 probability is 70% AND you can make up to 3 more attempts. However, If you combine only 2 and fail all times (and you most likely will, with that miserable chance of about 25%), it will make little sense to restore them because in that case 1 token brings you only 2 minions instead of 4.
  11. Right, so @Kibbelz, @Lokicould you please confirm (or the opposite) whether if a player attempts a synthesis of 2 rank A minions, then restores them and attempts again the synthesis 2 times, will that count as 3 synthesis attempts required to be eligible for an S rank reward box ? That would mean that having only 2 A minions ready for combine and 2 restoration tokens would be enough to get the reward. I’m not asking that for myself but rather for new/returning players who don’t have 4 fully upgraded rank A minions for this event.
  12. Vantheria, we need a confirmation from ncsoft that it counts as 3 « syntheses ». The may as well consider it as one synthesis only, given that it was rerolled.
  13. Do you buy them just to farm XP or there is another specific reason I don't know ? ^^ As for the event, I think that S-minion promotion event is awesome and well-timed anticipating the new update with Ss minion system. Christmas event looks not bad, although I cannot give any appreciation yet because I didn't really got into details in patch notes and the only 3 things I hope for new/returning players - is that it gives 1) a way to get legendary xform and A minions 2) +12 stigmas 3) 1-kinah retuning. If all of these is possible, I would consider it a success. BUT Yes, I am very
  14. Just transfer your char to KT Elyos and play with us ^^
  15. Yeah, that makes sense, I didn't make a connection between prestiege and siege rewards, now it's clear to me. Well, I think this is totally inaproppriate and should be adressed, because stellium is totally useless, you simply cannot compare it to gemstone crystals. You cannot give useless reward for people who are not on prestiege, that is too much discrimination. As to what you said about prestiege users getting more stellium then the others in 7.5, that was simply because they have +30% AP gain and siege rewards are AP-based. There is a difference between prestiege users getting a bit more r
  16. Well, I missed that post due to the same issue. Yeah this extension is really working, ty ^^ It's not really blue color, it just i can read dark text on clear background, but i cannot read white text on dark background, so I followed Arhangelos advice and now i'm happy again with how the forums look 😄 The only issue guys ae smileys now, they became blue and look creepy, like from a horror movie (check this 😁🤑🤪
  17. I just don’t read the forum as often as before, because I cannot see anything on a dark blue background, looks like all the text is mixed up, topic titles don’t distinguish from a regular text, it’s very uncomfortable.
  18. But they ARE brokerable, and you can buy them from abyssal splinter too
  19. They definitely need a clarification of what the word “reward” actually means
  20. Stellium was supposed to be removed from the game and yet I get it on every siege... Even the shugo from RC doesn’t want to take it anymore... Does anyone have the same issue ?
  21. You enter it like a dredgion/pvp instance using the queue application. The rewards npc is in your faction main town, gelkmaros fortress for you (i have been to gelk fort only briefly, like 20 sec before i was killed, so i didn’t really have time to look)
  22. But I am surprised to see this event is coming alone, because this is an analogue of Daeva Ranger event, which came in a frame of other big events - anniversary and skill master. This event is not bad by itself, it's just a small and complementary even and it cannot come alone. While the shops already opened their Christmas vitrines, there is not yet even a hint of Christmas event on Aion.
  23. The rewards list for the event is not good BUT I don’t know if you noticed that those medals can be exchanged for event coins 1 to 1 rate, and the rewards for event coins ARE good. But Baroness Barocca’s items should be updated, considering the features of the new patch. I would suggest adding XP marks there.
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