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  1. And I’m sure it will be a kind of announcement in weekly maintenance post like “today the pumpkin king event will end”.
  2. I think that gives an idea of legendary drop rate from a regular contract, should be around 0.001%. So you will need to open 100k contracts for a reasonable chance of legendary. I doubt that even with daily contracts reward, the whole community can reach this value during the event.
  3. @Arhangelos-KT @Violeta-KT Guys I have a question for you Are the pumpkin quests repeatable ? I mean if I complete the 35 pumpkin quest, will I be able to retake it or there will be only 10 and 20 ones left ? Thank you in advance for your reply
  4. Any info on how many candy blasts we need for alliance instances ? VT and BENM ?
  5. Primeth Forge NM The pumpkin is on the highest platform in the gliding area before Frigida, you will see it if you look down frim where Tarukan was standing. (And I just naively hope that the location in PFHM is not the same). Stellin Laboratory easy The Pumpking is next to the door to the last boss.
  6. Well, the purpose was to make you guys test what it feels like to have an ulti transform, so you spend more money to get it.
  7. Omg I’m dead shocked here *uses the emote from Vantheria’s vid
  8. I was not playing regularly since 5 or 6 years and I only remember BoS alliances to kill the pumpkin at the prison entrance and another event when we had to chase spirits in Iluma... Thanks for advice, I’ll see how it works when the event is active.
  9. Absolutely agree, this is not an online casino to throw money on random stuff. All the store offers should come with a detailed explanation on drop rates and such, because the customers have a right to know what they are actually buying.
  10. 18:00-23:00 server time corresponds to 2am-7am central European time, and there is no way i'm going to wake up to go farm some candy towers i don't even know where they will spawn, so we need to get additional candies as a survey, the same way it was with pine needles. yes, i agree, we need a clarification here, since transformation system is an account thing.
  11. I am just worried that autohunt won’t be of much help since when everyone puts their bots there just won’t be sufficient amount of mobs to kill, since in Inggison everyone is on the same channel. So we need other ways and the best one is to bring stat cubics back to Qubrinerk’s lab. But thank you for responding, cause not everyone having full cubics will be concerned by the problems of new/returning players.
  12. Haha of course it is. I popped it on Lava Protector in IDD but we still got wiped because the rest of the group got stunned precisely at the moment a young protector appeared. And after, we tried again and killed the boss while I was using a regular transformation. So yeah an impact of just one potion is zero, unless you get a pack of them.
  13. As for myself, I only played Dream Wirld quest during the first week or two of the event. I got very quickly tired of running there like a fool trying to pick items before the others or camping 10 min for a balloon only to see it snitched by someone else as soon as it appears. I only got a rare class reward once - and that was Ereshkigal potion. The only good thing of this event was 1 kinah returning and daily rewards for staying logged in. I agree that the Vending machine should have given legendary contracts as well, so the ones that were unlucky with the ultimate one could at least get
  14. Once a new feature appears in the game, it can be difficult or rather easy to obtain. However, when this feature stays in the game for a long time, it should logically become easier to acquire since as the game progresses, other features and goals are added, and new and returning players should be given a possibilty to catch up with those playing regularly. With the cubics we see an absolute opposite : when first implemented, it was ridiculously easy to obtain, then it was becoming gradually more difficult until 7.5 finally hit where stat cubics became impossible to complete (a returning playe
  15. I've never even seen those mobs since they appear around 4am EU time so idk how I'm gonna farm my songmyeongs since pine needles are really the limiting ingredient. This week I could only farm enough ingredients to make 15 cakes and this is only thanks to the server reset. I think I'm risking not to make 50 untill the event ends *sigh* And farming in Inggison I have to compete with the same elyos hordes for mobs so even if I was awake at 4am I'm not sure I could have killed even one of those mobs judging from what I read about they spawn rate and loot rights. It's very surprising that the
  16. I had a client crash today followed by pin bug 4 times in a row (i logged in onto website after first 2 pin bugs but it still occured another 2 times) so I could only relog after 5 attempts.
  17. Me neither I’ve never done 2nd boss. I think that if you are already in a group for the first boss and you see it’s good, just ask if they wanna go for the second one. This way no one looses an entry and you have a chance to practice.
  18. No way I’m wasting my hardly earned kinah on this !
  19. It took me a while trying to understand how 36% + 19% make 50% casting speed with upgrade for Wise Pixel...
  20. Yeah, and there is also something about Korean harvest festival event mentioned in the producer’s letter but I don’t know how it will be organized.
  21. I thought exactly the same, and since I already bought all I wanted from the npc this week, I’m saving my coins now for the next event.
  22. That would be weird to remove the coin reward nps unless they replace it with another one, since we will have the vault till mid-October. If they remove the npc we will still be able to collect the coins but not to spend them.
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