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  1. Finally some clarification from NCsoft on this bug. I got banned from forum for calling the client « shop error » bug a 🦞. They told me that I cannot use 🦞 « to insult a player or a feature ». Since client bug is not a player - IT IS A FEATURE ! So working as intended guys, and stop complaining, @Arhangelos
  2. Once I crossed an asmo in Lakrum while entering HM and right at that moment the shop error happened, 5 sec freeze and I was back at obelisk.
  3. I don’t understand your claims, guys, yes they did say it will be delivered by September the first, BUT DID THEY MENTION IT WILL BE IN 2021 ? Nope. So chill out guys because NCSoft never fail their promises.
  4. What an altruistic person ! 😯 I’m so touched, thank you ! 🥺 By the way, speaking of Pt cubics from lumiel, just use legendary transformation pots on alts from lugbug, I’m only missing 3 cubics for m.atk
  5. Let’s not mention rl cats because whoever came with the idea of this event is clearly disconnected from the real world since cats are hatching from the eggs here Yes, 1 more week ( unless hopefully it gets extended). Actually, you were the one asking for an event to complete cubics, so go farm it, you grumpy cat 😛
  6. Guys, stop saying ppl have to avoid this event, I repeat - I NEED CUBICS, just 1 catnip stone at level 0 gives 20 bronze, 10 silver and 5 gold cubes of your choice, it is like MONTHS of farm. From this point of view this event is very good, so stop complaining pls.
  7. My cat egg is still level 0 and I only farm 1 catnip ore per day and I’m happy because I need to fill my cubic. I’m currently away from home so I didn’t profit much from this event.
  8. And me, I would suggest to extend catnip event for at least 1 week please @Kibbelz 🥺
  9. By the way, according to the lore, who are the leaders of shugos ?
  10. Crit damage/defense are simply the most important offensive/defensive stats in end-game Aion. Everyone profits from crit defense, however as for crit damage, for some classes (like ranger) even 20 crit damage changes everything, for some other classes who have less crit chance the effect is a bit less pronounced but it still matters a lot. That’s why when ncsoft decided to scam us with stormwing event so many people were mad when they couldn’t get crit dmg/defense apostle collections.
  11. I’m not a cleric but from what I see, they are mainly going for Marchutan because of casting speed. Let’s calculate. Mace casting speed is 12% + 55% from Marchutan + 3-4% title makes 70-71% cast speed, which is already way below the 75% cap, however you can get additional 3% with candy to get close to the cap. With Tiamat 50% that would be 65-66% or 68-69% with candy. So you can see that a cleric cannot reach casting speed cap and there is a big difference between Marchutan and Tiamat and ofc this will influence your healing. So imo, for a healer Marchu should be better. Now as for the pv
  12. Yeah, looks like a case of XP buff abuse by players. Would they ban us ?
  13. Yeah, it seems you have played Aion for so long that you have no soul indeed ! 🤨
  14. Why you guys are like this ?? :C 🥺
  15. Only empyrean lords names or region’s names are used for server names, however shugos play an important role in Aion too. I suggest the new server be named after a shugo.
  16. If it was huge, ugly and vomiting some green stuff, that was it. And yes, it has fast running speed and can be lured everywhere.
  17. Maybe it happened while you were botting 😄
  18. I’m sure someone from DN having this nickname now bombarding support with tickets to claim it back, because it was stolen by KT.
  19. Ragnarok is Gelkmaros world boss that spawns near forts and looks like the Alien.
  20. I think the easiest way would be to make several channels to in Oriel so everyone can get a house and limit the amount of housing (mansion/estates) per IP and per account.
  21. At least, if you check myaion records, only one Pebbles is there and I assume this is your friend. So if that other Pebbles is active player, at least he is not doing any pve/pvp instances and has never their gear checked by someone with myaion dps meter, which raises suspicions about their activity. From my part I can confirm I never seen any Pebbles on KT since 1 year and a half that I’m back to the game.
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