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Prism Opening (60+pcs)


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2 hours ago, TimelessAngel-KT said:

0 legendary since last year from this event.. Last year i open like 3x more than this one., but i'am still happy i opened mine , i rather wanna have the experience than give it to others. 

On elyos side they went for 250m~300m, on Asmodians the last days it was 140m! So for Asmodians it didn't worth selling them that much, I still didn't get a hippo myself :/.

I opened like 20 on elyos side which I should have sold for close to 5 billion, instead I got soulbound things that didn't worth that much.

But yey for the "experience" :D . It is what it is, I am not complaining.


P.S. they forgot to delete the snowballs, what a nice accident, they also still have the +10 snowball on the BCM for 200 coins.

We need to kindly ask them to keep the event items-to-be deleted and the NPCs at least one more week so people can have time to open them and use everything. The only reason they delete those event rewards is to keep people from earning future rewards from previous events so one more week won't hurt anyone.

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