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Can you just let free to play breath for awhile before trowing another pay to win event in bcm? How dare you , we stayed this long suffer in never ending farming and gaming system and you are just there putting stuffs for sale . I'am mad because you act to care about the game and not release this auto hunt thing but now please show us you truly care and stop this BSS(Bull Sh!t store)

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I never participated in any p2w event and it feels like two types of games, p2w people pay a different game to us now.

I am sure though if they had 2 servers, one without any p2w and one with p2w, the p2w server would be dead as the body of the gaming community (which predominantly already quit) is not p2w people. And the reason they quit is because Aion is not a playable game anymore, you gamble on it or pay for it, playing is a side thing once you did the gambling+p2w.

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Is Ncwest copying Gameforge sales and events?? HP collection sales now Paragon gear.. Most likely in a few weeks the next sales are going to be the ones that help p2w people get max crit damage. Spolier Alert: It's horrible facing full crit damage, paragon +9 geared people. EU has many 😅 Bah what am I talking about.. Seems NA is going to be experiencing that kind of gameplay very soon.

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