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Some Positive Feedback for the Aion Team!!


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Hi @Rin and the @Aion team,

 I know you guys are probably not use to this kind of positive feedback, but I just wanted to personally  say a big thank you to all of the Aion team!  Providing those very nice Survey's for people that are creating and leveling up new Characters is just totally awesome.   Everything about that is so much Appreciated, with just enough Aura to level a character all the way to lvl 50 as fast as you like without having to stop after just one hour a day. 

Not only that but thanks for all the other goodies as well  like the transforms, amulets, potions and food etc.    This proves there are times you really do care about your player base and even making the game more playable for people that can't really afford at the moment to buy a subscription but still be able to get to the end game.

You guys are the Best!

Thank you!

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  • Aion Team

Oop I'm getting good use out of this quick meme I made a while ago lets gooooo


This is very kind of you, I'll definitely deliver this very kind message to the team! The surveys, extra goodies, aura, all of it is definitely created by them while listening to each of you. So thank YOU again for all of your collective voices and your passion for Aion. ❤️

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