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Power/Attack manastones and ranger


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Hi this is not quite directly related to ranger but according to this thread

It seems green attack from manastones doesn't affected skills :/ only weaving and we all know ranger only did 1 hit per attack which is pretty bad.

For example if I socketed attack +5(I know nobody using it nowadays but it's easily for me to calculate with it >.<) in 5 pieces of armor that's extra 150 dmg per hit 150*100 = 15000 damage(I did auto attack on ranger about 90 hits in 3 mins)

15000 dmg extra from 800k dmg seems pretty bad that's like 0.0035% dmg of total dmg.

I'm thinking to take off all power off essence and invest them into skills :/


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Found this from google o_o


Base attack of the bow aka "white attack" applies to skills. Green attack aka the one you get from various bonuses, like feather, manastones, etc - does NOT apply to skills. Only basic bow attack, so yes, only good for weaving. When you'll be rich you'll do a crit/attack build on your PvE gear. Glad I could help you.

Confirm or denny ? 

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He is misinformed, or he isn't expressing what he understands clearly enough. For example, enchanting your armour will increase your White attack, but will not alter the damage stated in the tooltip of your skill, however it WILL increase the overall damage done when you use that skill.

All +Attack will increase physical damage. Green attack will increase the damage you deal with skills, but only Weapon attack will increase the skill tooltip damage.

When I'am a little more motivated Ill do an infographic or video or something to clear up this confusion, cause it seems like no matter how I try to explain this with words there is always still confusion.

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The damage bonus on attack skills adds that much damage to that skill compared to normal attack damage. Kinda similar to green damage such as +attack manastones.

For example Heart Shot does 1186 more damage than normal attacks, before crits.

Note that it is not the same as the tooltip damage even when unarmed (noweapon does 16-20 base damage)

Also, attack skills cannot multi-strike (normal attack 2nd/3rd/4th strike are 10% of the first strike's post-defense damage)

Green attack like attack manastones and attack skills damage bonus are affected by crit strike multiplier.

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For focused shots, it multiplies your Pre-defense damage by 1.3 when using attack skills (i.e. not auto attacks!). The effect is greatest when using skills with big damage bonus like Lethal Arrow and Ripthread Shot (+2612 damage for both).


Pre-defense damage = Total weapon damage * (power / 100 + damage % skills) + additive attack + skill damage

Total weapon damage = weapon base damage + weapon and armor enchant damage + power shards

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