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Weekly Server Maintenance - July 27, 2022 [Classic]


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  • Aion Team

Greetings, Daevas!!

Here are tomorrow's  maintenance notes for Aion Classic. Downtime will begin at 6am Server Time (4am PT / 7am ET / 12pm UTC) and will conclude after approximately 2 1/2 hours.

The following changes will be coming to the game during this maintenance:

  • Shugo Games Final (Part 3/4/5) Ends
  • Dungeon Delve Double Event begins
  • Fantastic Daily Login Event begins
  • EXP/Kinah/AP Double Boost Event begins
  • Siel's Support Event Season 3 Begins


  • Update on Known Issues for Update 2.0 - 7.20.2022
    • Beginner Pass Issue Compensation
      • Compensation will be delivered to the players who purchased Beginners Pass at 1320 Quna
    • The Daeva Pass Season 14 level 8 jump Issue Compensation
      • Players who have already reached level 39 or above will receive compensation.

Thank you!

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The Manastones being given in this event clearly show you guys arent really reading the forums at all.

Players need more than 1 manastone like seriously,and no doubt they will be untradeable,unstoreable and unsellable.

You do realise attack 5s alone are going for over 1million kianh right now?

Or perhaps this is your plan all along to make things so ridiculously expensive people resort to buying Quna to socket their gear,if this the case all you've done is drive away hundreds of players to illegal servers.

If you had of been actually reading about our problems a event like this would of been giving 50 manastones of our choice with no restriction so players could actually socket their gear.

By the time Ncwest and Korea finally figure out what really is a simple fix this games going to be nothing but whales,your events do nothing too retain players in the slightest because theres no point if you dont see gear progression.

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1 hour ago, Raycian said:

How about just return the droprate to half of what it was originally to see how that pans out?

Dude the drop rates were fine at the release of classic, they should just set it back to that. They just need to stop half assing stuff, don't give them any ideas.

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Im just saying. They wont admit thier mistake so meet in the middle at least. They nerfed world drops by like 90%. I've leveled 4 chars since nerf and got 2 golds. A flux and a celestial bow. 2 Blue fluxes and no stigmas outside of instances. It's retardedly low.

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