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Sacred Relic season reset... isn't it too soon?


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4 minutes ago, Kearra said:

Sadly some of us are dual wielders or need weapons for other sets. Also the quest will no longer be transferable in broker or warehouse have to just grind out the bottles I was dying last week to farm 100 of them T~T

So they will make them soul bound... how awesome!

4 minutes ago, Alyta-DN said:

I had no motivation to even bother collecting 100. Maybe this reset I will try, since I still use the Kerub mace and shield. 

Maybe it is no longer possible, if what the other person said is true.

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For Korea and EU the ones from the quests and obviously Daeva pass is not rest are crafted, Agent battle, other things

I haven't logged in on Taiwan in a while so idk if they do idk if they have the patch yet anyway

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8 minutes ago, Arhangelos said:

So they will make them soul bound... how awesome!

Maybe it is no longer possible, if what the other person said is true.

It's true we won't be able to store most of them in the warehouse anymore. There will still be a version of it that you can, plus put on broker [item: 188970020]. I think it's the version you buy with insignias, craft and get from the campaign reward. But they might change it. 


There is also..

[item: 188078158]
[item: 188970024]
[item: 188970025]

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1. New Empyrean Lords’ Sacred Relics ‘Yustiel’s Sacred Relic’ and ‘Lumiel’s Sacred Relic’ have been added. 

2. New Empyrean Lord's Holy Water has been added. 

Each race can purchase them with ‘Legion Activity Mark’ through their <Operation Site Signalman>. 

You can craft the item through Aetherforging. 

3. Players who achieved a certain level recently will receive additional Yustiel’s/Lumiel’s Holy Waters at the start* of this season. Refer to the following chart: 



Max Level Achieved 



[Event] Empyrean Lord’s Holy Water 







*Rewards may take up to 1 week for delivery. (10/26) 




so when are we getting there, according tot he na 8.4 notes, im still waitingon my 50.

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On 10/9/2022 at 4:25 AM, Arhangelos said:

Excuse you the information on sacred relic is utterly misleading, you made a ton of people do the relic system because the info made it look like it would last for a whole year since it was implemented!

I personally didn't finish the first season because it was expensive for the little time it would last and I decided to sell the materials on broker. In this patch when I saw that the relic system would last a year, one holy water would go up to 70m in the beginning but I was like "let me spend 20 billion on 300 relics so I get that 300 m.attack for a whole year and all the other goodies". It is a scam, this is the shortest relic season so far.

I know many people who did the relic for the same reason, that it would worth the investment for the period of time it would last. A friend of mine did a ton of work to do this on a total of 3 of her chars.

Someone needs to tell those developers that resetting the apsaranta renown levels and the relics system at every single mini patch is not an update but a downgrade!

Whoever thought about removing lugbug needs to stop making decisions on this game.



NCWest : Let's make better!

How bout we dont  give season rewards to those who lvluped 300 too soon ;)

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