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Luna v. Events


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Humor me for a moment if you will...

It seems that (if a person were so inclined to indulge in "conspiracy theories") the following things have occurred.

#1 - NC placed a stranglehold on our in-game Luna accrual methods.
And by stranglehold, I mean made it almost unobtainable by any reasonable in-game means.

#2 - A short time later, NC gave us an event that stuffed our inventory bags full of armor skins that any sensible person will want to put in the wardrobe either because they spent a ridiculous amount of kinah on the piece (guilty as charged) or because no one wants to waste an awesome skin for a one time use. (Don't get me started on limited re-skinability).

Did someone in charge of important decisions really think to themselves 'lets make it really hard to get Luna and then give them an event that will force them to BUY Luna!!'?
(evil cackle and hand rubbing here)

For the record, I do know that companies need to make money. They have employees to pay, probably office space rent and utilities, taxes and they should probably show some kind of a profit. I'm an incomplete idiot, not a complete one. However, if this is in fact the case, it is a contemptible business practice and I'm not inclined to spend money with a company that operates in this manner.
Yes, I'll continue to play the free way and save my dimes (pennies are SO 1990's).


I'm bringing this up because I don't want NC to think we've forgotten about the abominable Luna situation.
What are your thoughts, o' community of my fellow gaming peers?

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