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If you are looking for a consice telling of the story, I actually made a series of posts to summarise the entire main storyline and I have been linking them whenever someone asks for this.

General Info:

Whole thread here, if you cannot view it, enter it from an Incognito tab.

"Generally, we live in this world called Atreia. Many years ago this planet was a whole one, much like ours, but hollowed on the inside. In its middle a giant obelisk called Tower of Eternity, which was the planet's deity, Aion, phyical manifestation. In this planet lived humans and several other lesser races. Seeing the dangers this world offer, Aion created the Balaur, a draconic race to protect everyone. But they eventually deviated from their task wanting more power and started acting as conquerors instead.

So, in response to this, Aion created Daevas (ascended humans) and even 12 greater Daevas called Empyrean Lords (each of them acting as generals, and 2 of them acting as guardians of the Tower). The base of the tower was protected by a shield which protected humans. They battled for 1000 years, attempted a treaty with the Balaur, but a fight happened inside causing the Balaur to destroy the tower and the shield. This event led to the Cataclysm, in which the energy of the Tower being released caused the planet to shatter in two halves, with an area in between called Reshanta.

Now, here is what we fight for. Within the Empyrean Lords there were two subgroups. 4 of them followed Ariel, who wanted to try a treaty with the Balaur, and the other who folowed Azphel, who wanted to continue the war. The other 2 (Siel and Israphel) did not openly follow anyone. With the planet shattering, the Lords, Daevas and humans who followed Ariel followed her to the lower half, which they called Elysea. The same thing happened to the ones who followed Azphel, but moved to the upper half which they named Asmodae.

Now, the problem with he planet is that the Tower broke into two (Tower of Light and Tower of Darkness), which causes Aether (the life resource in our planet) to be siphoned out into Reshanta. Basically eventually the halves will be leeched out their Aether, ending life, unless someone one destroys one of the bases.

Another reason for their mutual hatred is that Asmodians (habitants of Asmodae) hate Elyos (Elysea) because their Lords acted as cowards, and Elyos hate Asmos because they see them as senseless beasts. Meanwhile, the Balaur are the third front which wants to slay everyone and conquer.

This is what happens in lower levels. In higher levels, Daevas venture outside their halves, into the outer lands of the planet, called Balaurea, as well as the area in between, Reshanta, also referred as The Abyss.

The current point in the story tells about how Daevas investigate Balaurea, discovering new zones and chasing down. the Balaur's leaders: Dragon Lords. There used to be 5 Dragon Lords: Tiamat, Beritra, Ereshkigal, Meslamtaeda and Fregion (the last one being the ruler). Tiamat died in Tiamaranta (region in Balaurea now destroyed). We are chasing down Beritra (he destroyed 4 regions in Balaurea) and he is trying to free Ereshkigal from a prison he was put by supposedly Tiamat and Fregion.

Thats VERY general information. There are much more specific tales, which I personally find very entertaining. From Reians (race in Balaurea), to Danuar (another race in Balaurea), to the different regions in Atreia and all the stories related to people who live there.

Also, with the explosion of the Tower, the tower guardians Siel and Israphel had supposedly given up their life trying to put the tower together. However, back when we had Sarpan (another region in Balaurea), it was reveled to us that Israphel survived, but abandoned his task and wanted to recreate Atreia to a new glory age, with him as leader. For a while, we (Daveas) tried looking for Siel's Relics (special items with great power) which were eventually in possession of Tiamat and then Israphel. But when we confronted Israphel, Siel (or her essence) appeared and killed Isprahel and destroyed the relics. So, Siel is still somewhat dead, Israphel seems to have been vanished permanently and the figt continues.

Also, in case you are wondering about all there destroyed regions in Balaurea, they were recently destroyed by Beritra. This affected Sarpan (land of Reians), Tiamaranta (Tiamat's throne) and Katalam (in control of Beritra, but blown up anyway). He sank them to make Enshar and Cygnea rise from the sea and open his path to the prison holding Ereshkigal (or his power)."

Patch by patch Info:

Whole thread here, if you cannot view it, enter it from an Incognito tab.

"1.0-1.9: Tower of Eternity 
We slowly gain a very good reputation between Daevas for our contribution in Elysea/Asmodae and Reshanta. This serves as a presentation of our current state in the war and the events which led to what we face now. Basically, what I posted above.

2.0-2.9: Assault into Balaurea/Empyrean Calling
Daevas start advancing into the outer halves of Atreia; Balaurea. This new land is the Balaur's main home (dahhh), and much of it still remains as a mystery. What is important to notice is that there is a huge lack of Aether due to ot being outside the Aetheric Field. Our prime objective is to settle Aether generators and destroy Drana farms (Drana being the Aether equivalent for Balaur). 

The biggest threat in Gelkmaros and Inggison is Tiamat, the fifth of the Dragon Lords. Our other objectives include taking down the barrier protecting Tiamaranta (her own region) and invade it with our ships. At the same time, we have to deal with the opposing faction and the Dragonbound.

Asmos in Gelk also focus on retrieving Siel's Relics, an artifact able to give eternal power to its user. Tiamat sent a Dredgion battleship for them, but it crashed as one of her lesser soldiers betrayed her by stealing them. But in the end, we pursue him and Tiamat captures him first, getting a hold of the relics. 

3.0-3.9: Ascension/Tiamat's Fall
After successfully taking down the barriers protecting Tiamaranta, we launch a full on offence on it. Everything goes well... until Tiamat herself appears and wipes us with ease with the help of Siel's Relics. On the edge of death, we are saved by Reians (native to Balaurea, we met them in the previous patch, but just as villagers). They distract Tiamat long enough to escape.

They take us to their capital, Kamar in Sarpan. Tiamaranta is on its south, and they have settled a Stronghold there already. During this time, we are forced to work together and focus on taking Tiamat down. 

We find a way to neutralise Siel's Relics, find our way into her throne room. We confront her, kill her, but Lephar (Israphel, believed to be dead) appears and steals the relics. Then we race to find him before he changes time and space in his favour and making him the ruler of Atreia. We reach him just in time, but he overwhelms us. But Siel's Essence appears and vanishes Israphel and the Relics, saving us.

4.0-4.6: Dark Betrayal/Steel Cavalry
After things settle down, we discover a new regionin Balaurea: Katalam. Our attention flips to Beritra, the 4th Dragon Lord. We discover when threatened, Tiamat sent a messenger to Fregion asking for reinforcements, but Beritra killed her messenger. He learns she was in possession of of a Hyperion (an ancient weapon) but is missing something to activate it.

We are fouled into helping Beritra find a way to activate it as he disguised as a researcher. So, after activating the Ide weapon, he reveals himself and knocks us down. We are later sent to kill the Hyperion, and we succeed. 

4.7: Invasion
Without the Hyperion, Beritra’s original plan was ruined. But not too late for him, as he used the mechanism knowledge he acquired from the weapon to build his own version, as well as figure out the teleportaion process. He sends his weapons on a full on invasion. We do succeed on taking them down, but damage is still there. We also discovered new zones: Levinshor and Kaldor (and Panesterra).

4.8-4.9: Upheaval/???
The destruction caused by Beritra's invasion led to the destruction of special Sealing Stones in Sarpan, Tiamaranta and Katalam. They basically kept the land on ground level. But as they were destroyed, the continents sank, but revealed 2 new zones: Cygnea and Enshar. These sea-lands hold many mysteries, between them, a shadowy prison holding the 3rd Dragon Lord Ereshkigalsealed. Beritra wishes to free her. We begin another race, this time to stop Beritra. 

When we gain access to the prison, we discover Beritra getting hold of a special power, which he, when threatened by Daevas, he swallows. In the process, he loses a hand and escapes.

(Future patch) The power Beritra found caused Ereshkigal to be freed, but she will not show up yet. The sudden release of energy caused the Abyss to freeze, making Ereshkigal's soldiers to arise. Beritra's weakening caused his troops to be pushed to the outskirts of Reshanta. The Core, now frozen, holds a certain secret which we will find out soon..."

Then there is this thread, fairly recent, in which we address 5.0 to 5.5.

I should merge them all into one big reply sometime and spellcheck. :P

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