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So how about fixing coalition for sieges


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I'm not a cry baby,mostly i just bear what ncsoft throws at us.But really we need help on this .The way coalition works now is killing our sieges.At least allow us,the active people to select  which  coaltion/ally to go,please for the life of me.Then the lead can at least put xforms,heals,blah blah in specific groups.It helps so much in strategies,and afkers can go afk all their life we don't care,as long as they stay in another ally/grp..Please @Cyan take a look at this,help our sieges be more fun,more active,engaging and healthy,poke 'em devs for us......

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AMEN, I just had the EXACT same flame on lfg, people called me selfish for not attending sieges anymore. How did the whole server go from kicking afkers, to telling us that we need to share our rewards with afkers?

First, I am not going to go to a siege with an afk group that I didn't choose, nobody will heal me, nobody will rez me, they will sit there, away from the range of mobs, leeching my rewards.

Secondly contribution and rewards work with dps, and this is shared in a group so a cleric or a low dps helping class will still get an equal share of the whole group's contribution. Unless they changed it. If a whole group stays afk, why am I even trying to contribute anything?

I understand having a forced participation thing, so people cannot drop from their group to transform etc, BUT at least let us make pre-formed groups and apply in the coalition as a group not as a single player.

Let me be blatant, I do not go to sieges anymore and I honestly do not care that we get no fortresses BECAUSE of that. I went to sieges for the siege rewards, I never went to any fortress instances EVER, so why bother go to a siege, get not rewards for burning my items, so some afkers can get rewards and others can get a pve instance? (which now Barracs are removed)

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