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Weaving on ranger ?

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I just give it a shot and try to spam skills on ranger another day.

The result is really surprise me,spamming skills are the same DPS as weaving.
Note : I weaving with strong shots and spamming skills with focus shots I just find out it's too annoying to use focus shots and weaving in same time.

I really dunno what to do now @_@

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7 hours ago, DoctorDisrespect-KT said:

lol someone shut this troll up. Every single post of theirs is incoherent dribble.

Well your name is "DoctorDisrespect". THE IRONY HAHAHAHAHAHA

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I have tried weaving on Ranger and have not seen any advantage to using it.

Focused Shots is too slow to cast. I do not use it all.

Jump shots do not increase DPS, but they do allow us to keep moving.

I get my best DPS when I use debuffs with Stun & Misery Shot. Replace [Stun // Misery Shot] with:

[Stun // any skill // Misery Shot; Repeat.] It doesn't always work, but it works often enough.

Most of the time "any skill" is one of our debuffs but Devotion is good too.

"What should a Ranger do?" factors on our style of play. Skill rotation works better for me and I ignoring weaving. I jump shot only when I need to move.



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