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Augment Cost really high

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The cost to Augment is way to high and or gets burned down to quickly.  I just augmented my gear and after one day playing the 2nd level is 1/4 done.  I can't imagine the players who actually play a lot. That means my augment 2nd level will be gone in 4 days.  Augments are not that easy to come buy.  You can buy them for about 200million, trade in blood medals and marks (500 blood medals) or buy on BCM (real cash).

My suggestion is put the pvp stats on the first level instead of the second level so at least you can get the full value out of the augments.

If I let my augments go to the first level I lose something like 10% pvp defense.



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This is why I had non augmented items. Like the Furious Ahserion items, they offer more pvp stats than a non augmented 75a2 but of course they are less than a 2 augmented 75a2.

But I knew I would NEVER augment my items so why bother getting the augmented ones.

Still they remove augmentation from 6.0 as said, pretty awesome.

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