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If you didn't log the account in during the limited time where Returning User was being miscalculated (it was about a 24 hour period), you won't be a Returning User unless you haven't logged in for 30 days. Which is how it should be. 

Homeward Bound is meant only for new players and those that haven't logged in in over 30 days. Because of a bug, many players were marked as Returning Users. The bug no longer exists. 

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Have stayed current with this account and do not have a returned or new player status.


Also, to be fair....NCSoft could do anything with the game/accounts...etc....as long as they wanted too...and actually applied the work to do so.


Which is where the problem ACTUALLY lies.


Case in point..............Pre - Order and Collector's Edition Items....nuff said!

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All accounts flagged as Veteran are also permanently flagged as Returned User, hence elegible to get the event rewards.

Any player who has the Returning User status will be able to participate the event, but there is a ceveat:

  1. All older accounts are permanently flagged with this status
  2. This is not working for recently created accounts that hasn't logged on within 30 days, in certain cases (or most) the Returning User status is not given to an account that's not old enough (one year I think)
  3. New accounts are rewarded properly.

From the support:


It is stated in the event that if you are a new player (newly created account within the event period), you have to speak to Laira in the starting areas or capital cities for the rewards.

I have checked your report and confirmed that for the account to be considered a returning player, the account should have been inactive for 30 days and have only logged in back within the event's duration.


Hover your mouse over the names, especially in higher level areas the whole playerbase has came back.



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Permanently flagged, what.

It was a bug that happened on the first day of 5.8. The timer, which was supposed to calculate 30 days of no login, seemed to count 3+ hours of no login as returning user instead. It was fixed within a couple days, but anyone who'd logged in during that bugged time got the returning user status. Those who logged in later did not.

I don't think there is an age limit because one of my accounts is less than a year old and got returning status multiple times because I rarely log in to it.

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