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PVP changes i would like to see

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these are some changes i think would help both clerics and chanters in pvp if anything is already in the game please let me know 

1 i would love to see more Heal Boost pvp sets for both clerics and support chanters along with cast speed gear for both classes

healing is a must in pvp to not just pve 


2 make chanter specific Heal boost gear at the moment all heal boost gear has magic boost which dosnt help chanters at all even our heals the least you can do is make Heal Boost gear with PHysical damage boost so support chanters in both pvp and pve do more damage we already sacrifice damage for heal boost even more so when the gear we have has Magic Boost the least you can do is make chain HB gear with physical damage or make it so even chanter heals are effected by magic boost we are sacrificing literally 95% of our damage for survivability and as much as no one wants to admit it even chanter heals are actually spells so for our heals to be effected by magic boost actually makes since but 


Because all Heal Boost gear also has magic boost on it a full support cleric will actually do twice the damage then a full Support chanter 



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Mostly answering for 2) since I think hb is foremost a pve set and in pvp, you use it with high risk, for a high reward (ridiculously increasing your healing output). It's not like you're supposed/can afford to stay in hb the whole fight- if you are then your enemies are having a really bad day, to put it lightly. HB with pvp defense might be a bit too broken to be allowed. :>

You will need to switch from HB set to dps set if you want to dps even if they put physical stats along with HB stats on sets.

The ridiculously low damage you do if you don't is next to insignificant otherwise. Hell, there's a good chance your dots (for clerics) won't even hit the boss because your MA is too low. For chanters, you won't crit because bosses from 5.x onwards have some strike resist- not an insane amount, but enough that your hb/hp mace won't make you crit- at all.

Nergal, for instance, has ridiculously high MR(comparing to all other instances) and without festering wound (thus losing either retrib lightning or saving grace), even switched in dps set (don't even think about hb set with a 65 mace) you just won't hit the boss if you haven't socketed MA. So I can only imagine how much damage a chanter dpsing in hb or hp set would do on the boss... hitting it for 300 per hit without a chance to crit ? : |

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1 hour ago, knee-DN said:

You will need to switch from HB set to dps set if you want to dps even if they put physical stats along with HB stats on sets.

That. Both chanters and clerics need separate heal and dps sets. One hybrid set is going to be A) too low in HP and B) too low in damage because you'll have to try to socket multiple kinds of manastones. It's a lose-lose gear set. It's so easy to switch between sets now that we have the profile gear save. There's no reason anymore not to have multiple sets.

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its not a matter of me wanting to do DPS its a matter of the fact that im a full support chanter and people ask me to DPS no one wants me to heal 

and even if i did want to DPS with strong Heals a full HB cleric will still do twice the damage as a full HB chanter because chanters dont benefit from MB

its a matter of being fair why shouldnt chanters get their own HB sets why should we be stuck using cleric gear especially when the gear says cleric only thats another thing why should we carry around multiple sets of gear why cant we get 2 sets 1 for DPS build and one for heal build for build for all 3 of the classes songweaver cleric and chanter seriously who wants to carry around more then 2 sets of gear personally i dont want to carry around more then the one im using pic a build and get the gear for that build if thats the build your going to play with


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