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some story-related questions


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So, I haven't been keeping up with Aion lately, and I came back to see that 6.0 is on its way, and they're removing the Archdaeva stuff.

Okay, little disappointing imo, but as long as they give a good In-Universe reason as to why, that makes it a little better, and feel less like pandering. (I'm one of the few that cares for the story. lol)

I'm mostly wondering what dungeon I have to go to in order to experience the last bits of the Archdaeva storyline, and what level it is. (Maybe also stat requirements, too. I'm a sorc with over 3k MB and around 2k Macc, level 70)

Another thing I'm wondering about, story-wise once again, is the fact that the Archdaeva dies. Again. (Oof. sheesh... again? really?)

Doesn't this feel like a bit of an odd (and quick) ending? I thought the whole point was the Archdaeva recovering his or her memories, and slowly taking down each and every one of the Dragon Lords. It feels a little bit early in the story for us to die all over again. Doesn't anyone else think so?

Far too early. It just feels weird.

That's all my questions, so if people have answers to them that'd be great \o/ (I can't be the only one out there who cares for story in my Aion.. lol)

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The Archdaeva storyline actually answered several questions that were left in the dark ever since the original story was released. May have been forced, I will give you that, but it was carried out quite well. THE BEST instance that reveals the story of the Archdaeva is actually Archives of Eternity (AoE), but the campaign version, which you go through when you ascend to Archdaeva at level 65. Throughout its duration, you will see books that quote the original story, but with the Archdaeva integrated onto it.

As for it ending quite early, it happens. The storyline quickly shifting its focus has happened a few times already. First it was during 2.0, changed from "we train and survived, show you how Asmodians/Elyos are now and try to protect our villages" to "lets take the offence and focus on Balaurea". Then it changed to the Archdaeva, leaving Ereshkigal in the hold-up spot and once again focusing on our homelands. Now in 6.0 we are focusing back in the Balaur. It was short-lived, definitely, but 6.0 is intended to change every aspect of the game, even the main story.

This is just my opinion, but I find lore related to Balaur a lot more interesting than Empyrean Lords and Daeva things. :P


Fissure of Oblivion (FoO) has tiny parts that actually explain part of it as well, but mostly through the campaign and general design of the instance. There was another I am missing, trying to remember...

Edit II:

Thats it. There is a bit more, but it is mostly for Elyos only. Viola (Ariel's agent in Iluma) interacted with the Archdaeva before, there are some comics that show how they met.

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wellp, I guess I know how the people felt who were around when previous storyline stuff was removed (Like the Reian Storyline, and stuff like the old maps. Stuff I didn't get to experience)

Still feels too early, but oh well. So I guess the story-instance that supposedly shows the Archdaevas second and final death (I read about it on the wiki) isn't in as of yet?

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