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Getting back into the game


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Hello everyone!

I just came back into the game after a really long time. I stopped playing right after aethertech/gunslinger were launched.

Already looked into forum/reddit and coudn't find a solid guide of the current version.

Currently I'm a level 67 Chanter Asmodian. So I'm here to ask you experienced players what you recommend me to do.

1. Best way to level up (as a f2p player);

2. Best way to make money;

3. What to focus for now;

4. Any good guide for Chanter PvE/PvP, stigmas, gear, stats and all other things I need to know;

5. Anything else that could be usefull for me to know.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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Welcome back.

1. Do your daily and weekly Luna instances. (Pink moon icon by your skill bars.) Do your daily Fissure of Oblivion. Do your weekly 3-man instances -- Adma, Theo, Drakenseer's Lair (level 69+), and Fallen Poeta (level 72+). Those are the best, fastest sources of easy xp.

2. Get lucky on the events and sell those items you get to other players. Get to around level 70-72 (depending on your gear and HP) and start running Cradle of Eternity. You can sell the gear drops for a decent amount of kinah. Sorry, but that's about it. Every other method from the past has been nerfed due to gold sellers. You will be broke until around level 70.

3. See number 1. Also, save your kinah for good gear. Don't blow it on skins that will get replaced in a month when you lose the crap gear. Don't blow it on things that won't be useful to you in two months.

4. There is a guide somewhere here on the forums. You might try searching for it. I think it's called "guide to chanter" or something similar. It's a bit outdated, but still very helpful for those who are new to the class. Chanter is one of the three most expensive classes to gear (along with cleric and templar). You will have multiple sets of gear -- especially if you plan to do both PvE and PvP -- and you will have multiple stigmas that you rotate regularly, depending upon what you are doing at the time. Endgame chanters are expected to be jacks of all trades. You will need to be able to dps, heal, buff, and shield. Chanters are there to make the rest of the group look good with mantras and buffs, help keep everyone alive with heals and shields, and also do a decent amount of damage themselves. The chanter class is highly debated because it's so varied; everyone has their own opinion on how it should be played. You'll have to form your own opinion as well. :) I recommend you go to http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma and play around with the stigmas to see what rotations will give you what vision stigmas and figure out what you would like to try.

5. Recognize that you will be something of a "carry" in most groups until around level 72. Your dps will be very slight until then. Groups will be bringing you for your mantras, buffs, and offheals as needed when the cleric is struggling. Chanter dps is highly dependent upon having good, enchanted gear with good manastones as well as weaving. If you don't know how to weave, there are several YouTube videos about it, so try to learn. Chanter is a very fun class, but it doesn't feel too rewarding until the upper levels (in my opinion). :) 

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6 moths to a year is so much! :P 

If he already likes the game he wants to play. He will also keep the level so is not totally wasted time. And doing instances now can be funny. 

Also, In korea the players received some items if they already had some endgame gear. I guess 6 months is enought o get some of them. 

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