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HYe everyone , is it possible to get more info about what i missed from like when they removed danaria and i dont remember the other one ... i heard a bit about 6.0 and im asking myself if its a good idea for a casual player to come back ?! what should you recommend to me  start from scratch to level cap that is 70..75 .. 60 ? or stay with my glad level 54 and try to get the new gear and stuff ? ( Need all info possible to restart correctly ) 

thx all and hope to get everything i need to know ! 

(sry for my shitenglish ) :) 

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Danaria... is back! (joking, just the server)

Go to Cygnea/Enshar and do the first campaign when available. You'll get a good gear that will bring you easily to 66. I don't think you missed anything useful from lower levels, so you can continue with your gladi. Also, you should have received a bundle with the stigma skills for every old stigma you had, so you can choose which one you want. If you restart, you'll be given a standard stigma, so better to keep the gladi imo.

FTS is pretty empty, so even if you restart, you'd play alone.

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