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Choosing a monitor for Aion


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I study about monitor quite sometime now I've got a lot of questions regarding monitor technology o_o

Candinate 1 - http://www.lg.com/us/monitors/lg-27MP59G-P-gaming-monitor

Good price,Fast 1 ms response time,IPS technology (good color),75 hz,FULL HD,27 inch

Candinate 2 - https://www.viewsonic.com/ph/products/lcd/VX3209-2K.php

Big monitor 32inch,slow 8 ms,IPS technology,60 hz,2k doesn't need expensive graphics card for this

Candinate 3 - https://agon.aocmonitorap.com/my/product_ag322fcx.php

Big monitor 32inch,VA technology,144 hz don't know if Aion support this?,FULL HD,CURVED and the most expensive out of 3,4 ms

Candinate 4 - https://www.asus.com/us/Monitors/VA326H/

Same as above but abit more expensive.

I'm not interested in 4k at all cause that would need a lot of money to invest to graphics card I prefer 32 inch screen because I wanna watch movies with it.
What I fear with full hd and 32inch is I might see jaggy lines too much in Aion.

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5 hours ago, Neleth-KT said:

Ok next question is can a gtx1060 produces enough fps for 144hz full hd max setting Aion ? :P

Nope! A 1060 is too weak, maybe a 1070 Ti or a normal 1080. I have a R9 290X OC version and I do get max FPS with max settings, but on sieges FPS drops to 45-60.

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If you want a "no shift-F12" PC for Aion they don't exist.  Aion has poor optimization and not even a 1080TI/8700K can produce a stable frame rate.  Get a normal 144hz like this one, but you can get cheaper.  Later upgrade your card to fit the needs of the monitor.  1440p+ isn't required and puts a lot of strain on games for a small increase in sharpness.  I prefer to play on my 1080p 144hz monitor and do productive work on my 4K 60hz since Aion just FEELS better, plain and simple.  No point playing a game with PowerPoint FPS if it "looks sharper".

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