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Reward's Overhaul


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 Hello @Cyan,

Could we maybe get a reward overhaul? Most of the game items seem to be still Aion 4.2 style and kind of useless. Example includes that I just opened a Fortune lockbox and got a Eternal Lv. 65 Armour wrap and also 10x Silverine Token chest... These items haven't been used or seen since NCSoft deleted Katalam/Danaria maps.

Even the other week I opened a few lockboxes and older reward boxes and got L73 enchantment stones and also a Vinderchinerk's Fine Combination Tool... no one can use these at all. Basically just throw them out.


Just a basic example of what to put in that people would defiantly use,

- Vindachinerk's Brilliant Abyss Weapon Extraction Tool / Armour/Accessory (these would be soooo handy for the old Officer Abyss gear that I still have laying around in pets)

- Shadow Pact Weapon Box

- Harvester's Soul Stone

And lastly if you really wish to make a massive sale, sneak in a DT2 Motion or some really old skins and you would probably have half the server begging for Ncoin.


Just thinking out loud xo



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It's things like this that just fry my bacon and really show how little attention Aion gets. These lockboxes were supposed to be another way that the game makes money, as the keys drop very rarely, but the boxes drop like candy. We are supposed to be tempted to buy keys from the BCM, but the staff hasn't touched them or their prizes since they came out.

It's the same thing with the daily Prestige Box rewards. They still give conquerors marks, for Aion's sake!

Can't Aion get -one- employee that only focuses on Aion?

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Another thing that fried my bacon is that the last event (Broken Hearts), I opened over 200+ hearts and DIDNT get any of them Harvester Soul Stones, No one on KA-E server did and when I posted in a few times to forums and support NOONE replied at all... it never dropped. such a baddie it seems.

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  • Aion Team

Hi there, 

Taking a look at rewards is always a good idea. If you guys have suggestions for any systems you would like to see revamped (such as lock boxes as you've stated) we would like to hear it. 

Thank you!

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