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Asssasin Crit or Attack


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My Stats are sort of low.
Atk- 1200 something I think, not online to give you a reference.
Acc- 4200 and some change.

Crit- 1280. Without scroll or food.

With scroll and food, my stats raise a bit. Crit is pushed or lose to 1400 mark.

I recommend practicing your rotations there bud because even with my stats at 73, I cranked out 11.2K DPS (<--- Highest and Best as of right now). Stats can only do so much if you don't practice. I practice for hours and push myself. Gotta be faster, gotta buff and cancel animations faster. I even downgrade myself if my DPS isn't cranking out. Make sure for your PvE set you have Damage GS inside your weapons. It doesn't add much but everything helps to push our DPS. A good Sin can crank DPS over every class, only class that can compete so far is a GEARED as hell Sorc with knowledge of Wind Weaving. They can dish it out as good if not better than we can. 

Just remember to practice. Even if you hate practicing, practice more and then some more. Without practice, a Sin is as good as a wet piece of toilet paper.

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21 hours ago, RageKing-KR said:

I will assume that those numbers come from a dummy in Sanctum, or any other major cities?

Pretty good, but certainly not the highest or the best.

My personal best. My Senpai broke 12k and keeps going higher and higher. 11,2k was my best so far. :) SO :P

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Stats matter.  While skill matters too, sin is pretty brain dead to play in pve (assuming good ping and strong graphics card performance).  Weave your fastest chains (and don't use every skill in some of them, because some of the skills towards the end are really slow animations).  Sin skill animations are so freaking fast though that it is incredibly forgiving if you have good ping (not like glad, where the difference between perfect animation cancelling and perfect weaving is night and day in dps).  Basically 60% of your dmg is going to come from auto attacks anyway, and someone with perfect animation cancelling (assuming they get their with skill and not by using noani hacks) is only going to be about 20% better than you on the remaining 40% of the dmg being dealt (i.e., only about 8% higher dps than you overall if you have the same gear).  Compare that to a scenario where person A has 1200 attack/1400 crit (fully buffed) who is only critting at 30% vs. Opel in BoS and person B who has 1500 attack/1600 crit fully buffed who is critting at 50% vs. Opel...and you have a dps difference of 44%...not even taking into account the second person probably has another 5 to 10% pve%+ compared to the first person...and you can see why I say stats matter in pve...a lot.

TLDR, stats matter.  +50% dps from gear is much bigger than +8% from super skilled animation cancelling vs. basic weaving.  Get to the soft crit cap and then stack attack (so 1400 unless you are running Bastion of Souls, in which case 1600).



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