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Tia Eye compensation @cyan


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Considering this event is not only a chance to get gear etc, but actually the best map in terms of fighting other players in the game, so it is mind blowing how you managed to waste everyones 13 hrs of work farming the event that  you alone messed up, but took the npc away before we could spend the coins, yet the new caues weapons or whatever they're called you let people keep before removing them. I think you should give us the eye until 6.0 or at least longer than planned because at the very least access to the map without an event is actually a lot better than standing on my bush afk in illuma :thinking:.


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Ok, I agree the rewards was a bit much, kinda broken. You could farm 100+ omegas or dozens of endgame manstones in a single day in a league without any effort. 

It was wat TOO good to be true. But the way they ended it, removing the NPC and shutting down the server is the point. 

I really don't know how they're gonna fix (a.k.a. nerf) it. But if they put the coins to be single/roll drop this event will becoma a KS fest. 


Also its kinda stupid how they're taking those things, ppl who purchased  their nyker before the shuttdown are totally fine, while the others who spent hours playing or without even playing due to school/work are now messed. 




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