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Could've done the right Thing


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Before I start, this has nothing to do with a hate post (Somehow you have to mention this now days). Just taking some of my time to leave my opinion on the decision that have been made for this event considering what happen.

First of all, taking down the event and killing the NPC to fix the bug was the right decision. For the few lucky that had the chance to turn in their coin, good for them. Personally I had grind 500 coins on Breeze and about the same amount on many other alts in few hours but I didn't had the chance to turn any of them. I could've finish my entire 80AP gear (Weapon, Armor and Accessories) in a few days. Rate like this has no place in a game like this. Gear is hard to grind and have always been since the beginning. Personally I would have 2.X anytime when you actually had to work hard to achieved anything in "PvP" in this game. Not free stuff from broken event or given by gm's because they made a mistake and you're angry.   

Now for those who are angry saying Aion Staff's never help the "f2p" community and when bugs like that happen there is "emergency maintenance" in few hours, etc. When you manage a game or anything in life, there is massive cost involve. On servers, staffs and many other things you probably don't think off. I understand the fact that if they can make money out of Luna (Caeus weapon's) they might not remove it right away. "Yes" its "p2w" but without it there is no game, and that's not better in any way. Unless you want to go back to subscription only, something I would personally rather have.

I totally agree this patch is not the greatest now that there is no way to keep up with the people that spend massive amount of money on this game. Sky is the limit on gear and only you're wallet can stop you.

For those who think I defend the "p2w" it is not the case. This is not a secret I have spend money on this game, but to a certain extend and in a way I support the game. I do not own a single +20/25 piece because the amount of $$$ you have to spend is to much. Now for those who can afford it and ready to spend like that on a game, good for them. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy the game, grind and purify my gear and have fun in this patch, even with +15 80AP (Commander gear), you can still play and "PvP". 

Now, on the decision they made about re-opening the Eye and not fixing anything, but simply changing the price on Stuff, this is a mistake. For once we had a "PvP" event that we could enjoy. Yes there is always "whale" who would have make "OP" 6 man group to farm coin's but this is the fun in the event, pvp around the eye, grind you're gear and have a fun time, this game is not suppose to be easy. But Instead of that, you, NC Soft didn't fix anything and have completely broke the event. One side of the map is on complete lockdown by massive's Asmos league's and the other side by massive's Elyos league's. Something that have made solo to group pvp almost impossible. This is a "pvp" event, you earn you're gear by pvp just like this game was a long time ago.

I don't see the fun in running in between two monster for the next three weeks, doing "PvE" only when this is not the way the event was intended in the first place. Lots of people came back for the thrill of it and its been completely took away.  Now for the GM's who tok their time to read this, there is still time to do the right thing and I hope you seriously consider doing so. This is mistake's like this that "kill the game" and make people leave.

This is a game I've been playing, liked and followed for years, ever since they announce it and did the first "Beta" and this is really sad to see the path it has taken in the recent patches or its decision. 

I will still support this game and I'm really exited to see all the change from 6.0 live on NA server and how it will be balance for the "f2p" and "p2w"  as this community refer too and for the people who enjoy the "PvP" of this game but this is definitely not the right way decision should be made.  

For the few "Vaizel" player's out there(This was good time) and all of you in this Community,

My Regards         



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I didnt bother reading your essay. You are nobody that doesnt represent the community at all. Especially if you are an Aeros friend. Go pursue professional gameplay at rocket league and not aion. Also the fact that you made a different post seeking attention disgusts me. Bye. Like anyone cares about you.

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47 minutes ago, Bow-KT said:

I didnt bother reading your essay. You are nobody that doesnt represent the community at all. Especially if you are an Aeros friend. Go pursue professional gameplay at rocket league and not aion. Also the fact that you made a different post seeking attention disgusts me. Bye. Like anyone cares about you.

The fact you didn't even bother reading what I had to say and also that this post has nothing to do with Aeros and yet you go around and attack me like that just prove that you're part of whats wrong in this society.

Yes, I made a new post, but not to seek you're attention or anyone that have nothing to say but unconstructive criticism and rage comment. Only the attention of those who manage this game aka the Aion Team.

Have a nice day!


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Maybe I am wrong, but IMO P2W is not a good idea for this type of games. That works better on cheap and mobile games. In those games you do not expect to last for so long and is a fast an easy way to recover the money you used to create them and get some profit before you make a new one. But Aion is an expensive game that requires a lot of people working on it. In expensive games usually you want to make them last longer, many years, so you can recover the investment, get profit and create an image for your company to atrack more people to the next games you will do. 

I saw other games who made that P2W thing and usually they have a lot of players at the beggining, but they lose population really fast. RO was launched in that way (similar to aion, the more money you used there, more enchanting materials and nice items you had), and the game suffered an incredible reduction in the numbers of people playing in few months after launching it. 

If somebody who spend $1000 montly, has so much advantage compared with somebody who spend $20 each month, the last one will start thinking that there is not reasson to waste those $20. And If somebody can affort to pay $10.000 and beat the first one easily, the same will happen to that one. You can also imagine what will happen with the people who do not pay at all. At the end you will only have the money from the big whales. And they will stop paying if there aren´t a lot of players to show what they have. Is not funny to pay so much if there are only 500 players under you. Finally the whale is bored and leave and you lost everyone. 

IMO again, the best way to keep one game like Aion alive and make profit of it, is to have what we had in the past. Or a monthly payment for everyone or to promote the game to reach a massive amount of players and sell small things, that in some way everyone can get, and get some money from everyone (like prestige, instance packs, innocent mereks, scrolls, skins). In that way you can get something better with $15-30 each month, and making some of them tradeable, you can reach more players to use them and get some money. And the advantage from those weren´t so significative to create a huge gap between the players, so even the casual ones and those who never paid a thing still had the chance to be at the same level with just a little more effort. 

And about what happened in this event. 

I am agree that is not really focused on PvP. All the things, including quest, mechanics and rewards made more profitable to do PvE in repetitive actions. The initial numbers made really usefull to spend hours just following a league. Even with the fix, it is not possible to make everyone happy again. And apparently the fix will be focused on just 1 thing and will leave all the other quest, drops, mobs, outdated and umbalanced. As some poeple said before, I also think that the best way to avoid this kind of issues is to have somebody testing the things before giving them to us. Situations like this one can be avoided (or at least reduced) if somebody start playing the game and testing the new things. But nobody did that in many years. 

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