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pvp balance


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Guys this thing is real, like SW can kill whoever they want, some classes are better than others in pvp, pretty simple. Like clerics can outheal all dmg they take, till your mp is gone or till their slow dmg kills you. Some classes are so good at everything that they can solo bosses ><

There are three types of classes in this game:
1) Dps and debuff classes with little to no healing abilities
2) Dps and healing classes, with very few or no debuffs but great survivability
3) Dps, effective self healing, with plenty of debuffs and resists and too much survivability.

I do not understand how can someone be a tank and a dps at the same time for example. Or a healer and a dps at the same time. It is just that some classes cannot kill some other classes at all.

I, as a sorcerer, have big trouble killing these classes:
Cleric: they will out-heal all my dps and I will run out of MP and they will kill me slowly with their dmg skills.
SW: They can heal themselves, refill their MP, remove my MP, and they can do equal or more dmg than me.
SM: if they don't have the instant fear ready I could stand a chance, but they have the pet and the shield and it would take me too long to kill them.
Templar: I do not know if this class has the ability to lower it's HP lower than 99%. I tried, and most of them kill me in 1~3 seconds (I am in normal AC mythic +10 at the moment). I do not know if it is the class or if I always face  75 lvl templars with +20 AP sets, but this class does more dmg to me than I do to it and their HP never falls.
Archer: anti mage, 0% chance to win
Assassin: double pure anti-mage, -100% chance to win.

I would understand if my class was anti-something, but for me to survive, I need to use ten sleeps, avoid dmg and hope for good dps. Also way too many classes have silence and going against m.boost is easier than ever now.

Woudln't it be fair PvP between a pure dps class (e.g. Sorcerer) versus a pure tank class (e.g. Templar) take ages to finish because one class nullifies the other?

Anyway the last 1~1,5 years I simply refrain from doing any kind of pvp. I suck at it, I play from Europe with ping, my class is not a pvp one, my items are never the best so what is the point. From all the magic classes I played in all previous game, I have to say that the Aion sorcerer is probably the biggest p^ssy.

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