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Commander Soulstones Info


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Can we have a list of ALL things that give commander soulstones and which are random or you can select the type please?

  1. I know you can get 4x soul stones from the daily quest from the NPC Otar (Asmodian) in Norsvold and I assume the equivalent for Elyos in Illuma. He needs 2x quest items from evergale, and to get them you need to get 4k  points or more (win or lose it doesn't matter), so in total you need 8x the quest items, or to get 4k+ points in Evergale 4 times. This gives 4 pouches that give random commander soulstones.
  2. Someone said that you MIGHT get one from Dredgion 66+ final boss, but it is not 100% (and I am not sure about it either, I don't do dredgion anymore)
  3. Another one said that Divine siege should give commander soulstones, but it is either bugged or not yet implemented.
  4. Frozen Monolith 6-char instance in Abyss landing areas also give commander soulstones but I do not know the amount and type you get.

Anything else that I am missing? I hate the randomness of Evergale Commander Soulstones. I am trying to get me weapon ones and I get everything else other than that. So much for RNG.

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  1. Evergale Canyon artifact fragment daily quest, as you said.
  2. Ashunatal Dredgion, yes, but only from the quest that asks you to kill Ashunatal (final boss). The instance itself doesnt award it. Armour Soulstone only.
  3. Divine Siege: Just take part on the siege and you will get bundles (2~3 depending on contribution, selectable, each gives 1).
  4. Divine siege again: The quest related to killing Orissan (deity of Divine fortress) gives you 2 bundles (random, 1 soulstone per bag).
  5. Frozen Monolith, as you said. You get a bundle, content is random. 5 soulstones.
  6. Weekly quest related to the Large Scale Sky Island invasion (the big weekly one that happens once per week), gives 1 weapon soulstone.
  7. Weekly quest related to Mid Scale Sky Island invasion (hourly one), gives 1 accessory soulstone.

Others (Events):

  • Killing Sunayaka gives you bundles if you win the rolls. Selectable bundles (same ones we got form the survey, 1 per bundle).
  • The quest related to Sunayaka gives you the Soulstone of choice.
  • The Gold Protectorate Coin NPC.
  • I think chest also gave one. Cannot remember.
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