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Daeva dash door bug

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@Cyan after seeing lots of posts about supposed "hackers" I loaded into daeva dash and went the door (without picking a class up) 

You just jump at the door and right click and BAM it opens 


I'm sure there are some people that hack it via walk through walls and glide hack. But from what I have seen it's just a major bug that you can open the door before the timer ends. 

@Cyan I don't have software to make a video, but just try it and you will see, or if anyway else here can do it and video to show them. 

Thank you ^_^ was a great event lots of fun, lots of loot. Just this one little bug to make go bye bye ^_^

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As you said is just a bug that everyone can do. It is not ilegal software involved on this one

But in the future try to avoid providing so much information about a bug that can be exploited. Probably your intentions are really good and you just want to inform this bug and thats cool. But remember that some people is looking for bugs to exploit and get some advantage. 

I had to drop 3 keys yesterday because of this exploit. 

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So it might not be a hack, but it is definitely a bug. People have been banned for exploiting similar things. 

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