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You have been kicked from alliance by <insert name here>


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Last night, a hated character, got with me on EC. This guy has a cleric and a sorcerer (high ranking) with the same name (one written with a lower case " L " and one written with an uppercase " i ".

This guy at some point requested vice, the moment he got it, I was kicked and then I learned from others that they also got kicked. This guy puts his chars afk (at least one of them) and then when he gets called out for this, he holds a grunge against you.

The problem here is that HOW can I report the incident with log proof? When you get kicked from an instance server dungeon, your chat gets reset and there is nothing for you to screenshot, I didn't have time to screenshot the alliance, because I never thought I would get kicked so blatantly because this afker hates me. Also he got vice but he wasn't the only one with banning ability.

What we HAVE to get is the chat shouldn't get lost, so we can keep a continuity of events (like a chat with a conversation and then an action) and also them ost important stuff is to get the message that we got kicked and the player who kicked us... in the system chat, so we can screenshot.

And you have to keep logs of EC kicks somehow.

Something like this:

  • Char 1: Give me vice please
  • Me: Don't give him vice he will kick people for no reason
  • Char 1: I'll kick you
  • System Info: Char1 has vice appointed to him
  • System Info: Char1 kicked you from Evergale Canyon (in my chat)
  • System info: Char 1 kicked Char2 from Evergale Canyon (in other people's chat)
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In this case you don't need a screenshot as far as I know. As you explained you didn't get a chance to screenshot anything BUT you could have taken a screenshot with your CD and a timestamp. It might not seem much to you at first but the support team has their own logs and if you tell them a certain time, the IGN of the ones who were involved, they can find out quite quickly what happened and who kicked you.

Just report it and make sure to give them a good time window when it happened. Been there, done that. :3

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51 minutes ago, Arxaggelos-KT said:

I am sure they do have it, and I did report the player. It is just that I wish I knew on my side better who is it 100% sure.

I do not know what they did to that character though since they never say what they do to those who abuse the system.

Mhm, totally understand what you mean, but sadly, they can't tell us always. They have their own guidelines which they need to follow.

I know for a fact that some Aion private servers have made it possible to have a log in your files but I don't think it's that easy on an official server since those log files can be manipulated very easy and I assume that's the reason why we don't have our own logs.

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I want to have it on my side too with info, though, so I can see and know exactly what happened. I sure did report this guy but I had to put the moment it happened as an average guess. I also included parts of the chat prior to this kick like "give me vice" but I couldn't point the exact time frame for this since it was inside EC and that chat was deleted.

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18 hours ago, Arxaggelos-KT said:

A log file that keeps track of the chat wouldn't be a problem, an official one would be even better so they can trust it. But we are day dreaming here.

Like I said, they have their own ones which they can trust. Having one on your end is understandable but as I said, you won't be able to use it as proof since you can easily manipulate it yourself. lol

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