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Damage Reduction in PvP


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How does a player lower PvP damage received down to insignificant levels?

Here is some of the damage I was doing:


93 crit is a joke. I do not believe even the best gear in the game can reduce damage down so much, but there it is. The player I was attacking was a glad (no shield).  It is as if that player is using a damage reduction item/skill over and over again with no cool down and is always active.

If one can reduce received damage down to almost nothing, then how is it done?  Is it just a matter of having good gear at +20 or +25?


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well yeah it is possible, if you combine the Cash Shop with all the events we had lately you will see crazy geared ppl like that, with shit +30 and acces +10...

 But lets calculate this with a bit less hardcore set like AP Lv 80  +26 plate set with accesories +9 with  6 of 7 items full power +12 


this sets gives 8050 physical defence and   91.4 %   PvP defence

on top of that you have some skills that adds PvP defence or lower the PvP attack from the oponent

Item skills

at_proc_pvpatkdebuff_g1.jpg chest +20 skill Lowers your pvp atk  -3.8%

ag_proc_atkdebuff_g1.jpg guantlets +20 skill Lowers your Physical attack  by -48

aso_pcdefup_g1.jpg boots +20 skill increases PvP def +3.9%

holyprotection_g1.jpg  +10 % Damge reduction

Gladiator skills

cbt_fi_defensemode_g1.jpg Gladi Defence Preparation  gives  20% PvP def  http://aion.mouseclic.com/wiki/skill/619

live_fi_survivorstance_g1.pngRestores 35% of your HP and increases Maximum HP by 35% and increases Strike Fortitude by 500

so with 306 strike Fortitude from set + 500 from second wind = 806 SF

Bow crit multiplier is 1.7 X

1.7 - ( 806 x 9 / 10000) =  1.0552

this means your critical strikes will do No extra damage at all,  virtually the same damage as a Non crit skill/attack

In conclusion with that extremely High physical def, PvP defence, and Strike Fortitude vs a Ranger with one of the lowest crit multiplier, if you dont have a crazy ass set too those numbers are Ok i guess xD


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