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Change open world pvp rules


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I'm coming back to this game after several years and I can't quest for more than 3 minutes without getting killed. It's taken the joy of playing this game for me.

Please look into changing the pvp open world rules to let the low level players at least get to max level. Then make all max level players free to pvp. I would definetly keep playing and purchasing items in this game.

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Hello bro. 

Unfortunately this is how things go on OW, and tthey are  not going to change. You probably are not getting to max lv by doing OW  quests anyway.

To get experience what you should do is:

do luna daily everyday, and fissure of oblivion every day.

do all 3 man instance  that your lv allows for. They don`t require a cleric. They are also source of kinah.

do take  advantaage of the exp. event schedule. 

do the EC 4 times daily quest. it`s nice exp and you get stuff that  you will need later on, such as stigmas, minions, etc.

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IF you cannot quest without getting touched by PvP, you are probably doing it around PvP hotspots. I am not sure if you are an Asmodian or Elyos, but if you are an Asmodian in Norsvold; avoid the central areas (Morninglight Plains and Tranquil Fens), mobs there are low level and dont give much XP and PvP is mostly there, and avoid going near artifacts.

But, anyway, as Matsu said, most XP comes form instances really. Quests are something to do if you have nothing else left.

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