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Chanter pure dps,pure support or both ?


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I think chanter strongest point is able to support and dps in the same time.

I can use recovery spell,WoR,WoL,Shield everything with rage spell with dps set.My stigma is full dps after many tests I questioned to myself why I don't sacrificed one dps stigma for Word of Inspiration people didn't like chanter because healing burst or blessing stone or ES.People like chanters because they can kill quicker with them.So when I thought so I unequipped leaping flash and equipped WoI it's true that I can't be top DPS anymore but I upgraded everyone DPS and whole group killing boss quicker.I added WoI in my rotation so I'm able to keep it up all time.

I don't use healing burst because 2 seconds cast time which required me to remove rage spell.The plus point about this is when 6.0 come they will remove Ascension Spell which WoI will be requirement if u wanna have yourself a buff while on DPS stigma.

Now I'm able to dps and buff my whole group dps too.I lost some of my own DPS but if it made whole group greater why not right ?

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Percentage damage buffs, such as Word of Inspiration/Instigation and Invincibility Mantra, are calculated from the total weapon damage (base weapon damage + gear enchants + power shard)

To determine how much DPS your chanter's Word of Inspiration/Instigation and Invincibility Mantra, you have to check how many physical and attackers are in your party.

For physical attackers you have to know their total weapon damage and average number of attacks per second.

For magical attackers... it depends if they are MB capped in the particular mob/boss or not. If they're MB capped your chanter damage buffs will not do anything.

For example Harvester's Polearm (476-886 dmg):

Harvester's Polearm + Combine Harvester's Polearm: 523-974 dmg

+15 to the above weapon: 583-1034 dmg

add 2x40 dmg power shards: 663-1114 dmg

Your Inspiration Mantra (+20% dmg) adds 132-222 damage per attack (177 average).

If that glad manages to average 1 attack per second then the Inspiration Mantra will add 177 DPS to that gladiator

If that glad can only do 1.5 attack per second than the Inspiration Mantra will only add 118 DPS to that gladiator



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On 7/18/2018 at 10:55 AM, Neleth-KT said:

I don't quite understand your point but WoI is useful or else nobody would use slaughter bestial's fury or deadly abandon buffs right ? ;)

What he meant was before going supp spec check your group’s stats, if they are capped or near cap stats then might as well just go pure dps as your buffs wont help that much and at the same time you’ll be lacking dps. 

In other words if your group has capped stats dont get a chanter loljk.

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