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"Archive" deleted maps in a time machine

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I don't know what's NCKorea's obsession with deleting maps, but if there's anything NCWest can do, could you please convince them to somehow archive old maps in a time machine NPC where we can travel and do quests in those areas? That includes Sarpan and Tiamaranta. It's such a shame that so much content is lost and will be lost. You could even set them to give no EXP at all if you want people to focus on new contents, but at least keep them somewhere so we can access the map and experience the old stuff again.

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11 hours ago, Kemana-KT said:

I think it would be nice to just add the deleted Instances to an Event. Like how Kumuki's Daring Rescue is in Haramel and Kromede's Revenge is in Fire Temple. It would be great to have the Skins be acquirable too as loot/event prizes.

The instances are hardly anything. The main part of the maps is the open world itself and the hundreds of quests. Those are real the real content that will be lost if everything is deleted.

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The biggest thing I am going to miss about the removed maps is the wide array of creatures we were introduced to in those areas that do not exist anywhere else in the game.

@xiilieaxz-DN The reason I love questing is because it gives you a reason to go out and explore the beauty of the maps at your own pace. You also learn so much through the quest-lines about the inhabitants of the region. That type of content keeps me engaged. It's sad to think of so much being lost with this update.

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