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Cyan what about new abbey for returning users


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Yes I'm aware there's a topic about it already and it's located here 

However I created a new topic because this is a very interesting feature and I want directly response from Cyan.

Supposely this abbey should come with 5.6 update since korea included this abbey with 5.5 update.
I don't understand korea translated page much excepted we can upgrade plume +15 gears lv70 and normal and premium quests.

Are we getting new abbey soon ? or it will come with 5.8 ? or we will skip this abbey ?

Thank you for your concern.


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  • Aion Team

The Abbey system was removed from the game. There was an event that was running in the Korean version, which is no longer available. The dev team is working on a new system for returning and new players, but unfortunately we don't have anything to share with that yet. When we do though we will inform everyone!

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