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Problems when playing the game


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Hello, my name is Rachel, and I have a problem, the load of the game takes me a lot and every time the game starts, it is marked by 62% and, when I enter, it usually appears with the message "Error 20". I reload the game and load it very fast, but after a few minutes the Visual C ++ Fail bin32 poster comes out. I installed and uninstalled the game, but nothing solves it. I would like to know if you can give me a solution, since I like the game and want to continue in the game.

Thank you very much for your attention, I hope a quick response. Sincerely: Rachel

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NCSoft folder > Aion > Data > Dump > Open the Config.ini file to verify that these values are 1. ValidTableDump=1 NormalStop=1 If they aren't 1, edit the file so they are > save > Right-click and go to properties of "Config.ini" file > Select Read-Only > Apply.

So you only have to do the long load once a week. ^


What is your computer and operating system?

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18 hours ago, Cheesecake-DN said:

Carpeta NCSoft> Aion> Datos> Volcado> Abra el archivo Config.ini para verificar que estos valores son 1. ValidTableDump = 1 NormalStop = 1 Si no son 1, edite el archivo para que sea> guardar> clic derecho y listo a las propiedades del archivo "Config.ini"> Seleccionar solo lectura> Aplicar.

Así que solo tienes que hacer la carga larga una vez a la semana. ^


¿Cuál es su computadora y sistema operativo?

My computer is a Processor AMD- E350 1.60 GHz 4GB Ram Memory 32-bit Operating System, x64 processor Windows 10 home I just installed the whole game again and I get the bin32 error

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17 minutes ago, Xigure-KT said:

Mi computadora es un procesador Sistema operativo AMD-E350 1.60 GHz 4GB Memoria RAM de 32 bits, procesador x64 Windows 10 en casa Acabo de instalar todo el juego nuevamente y aparece el error bin32


*My computer has a Processor AMD- E350 1.60 GHz 4GB RAM memory 32-bit operating system, x64   processor Windows 10 house 

I just installed the whole game again and I get the following error:

Microsoft   Visual C ++ Runtime Library 

Runtime error 

Program: C: \ Program Files \ NCSOFT \ Aion \ bin32 \ AION.bin   This application has requested the Runtime to end in an unusual way. Please contact the application  support team for more information.

Pd: that is the constant error and then disconnects me from the game


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