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Rewards where art thou??


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Before the Awakened Legacy update, I got on the Aion official website and registered my account for a special reward that I would recieve on one condition: On the night of the update, I would have to log in before midnight. I did, and did not recieve the reward. It was an exclusive costume (I believe it was called the Party Night Costume), three transformatiom scrolls, and one thing I cannot remember. I recall the time limit to redeem this was not until early next month, but I should have already seen something and got them. I checked my inventory, warehouses, pet inventory, mail, and even BCM and gold sands. Yet I can't find these rewards. I KNOW I registered for it, I checked all my possible inventories on all characters, and I saw this on the official site so I know it wasn't a scam. Soooo, I'm stumped! I'm sure I'm not the only one who registered, can someone tell me what I'm missing here?

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