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Crucible Spire seems a bit... hard


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On 6/8/2019 at 0:37 AM, PsychoShooter-KT said:

xD bringing old post, are u still doing, if so how far can you get now? 

and does any1 know? it's up to 24 floors?

I killed up to the bunnies and went to Tahabata. But I also have a good transformation collection with a skill dedicated to Crucible Spire which does a solid 44.600 dmg and never fails, even my ulties do half that dmg and this takes no mp and never fails and have 15 seconds cool down.
I killed sorc, the bunnies, the Tahabata and went up to Kadena, but killing Kadena was not enough because the eggs spawn mobs which also count towards the end of the stage and I had to kite those and they ended up being too many. So I killed Kadena and then time ended.

I used the 80 luna buff that time because I wanted to see where I could go, I had no prestige buff tho, so I was missing that 400 pve bonus.


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The highest floor I've ever made to was 12. That was my spiritmaster with red Pandora weapon/armor and almost all ancient accessories. It was basically completely carried by the spirit (Armor Spirit have massive magic acc bonus) and its +650% damage bonuses against races "Asmodian Daeva" and "Elyos Daeva" (for some reason, all mobs there are considered as either "Asmodian Daeva" or "Elyos Daeva")

Crucible mobs in 7.0 have much lower defense/dodge/magic resist and much higher HP. Haven't tested whether they are still considered "Asmodian Daeva" or "Elyos Daeva" so far.

Details of spiritmaster skills

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It doesn't worth trying to get to much higher grounds, I went up to 18
Floor 15 = Suyaroka (1 boss with minions that you don't need to kill)
Floor 16 = Bloodthirsty Vampiradu (4x white evil bunnies)
Floor 17 = Tahabata (single mob)
Floor 18 = Greedy Kadena (eggs spawn minions that you have to eat to pass to the next stage)

It is not like you get a ton more coins to justify wasting 80 luna for the buff, I could have used the luna buff to re-enter and get almost double the coins. I can get to floor 15 easily without a hustle and if mana was not an issue for a sorc, I would have been able to get higher. I am constantly low in mp.

Looks like there are 24 floors

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