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Stats, how do they work


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Attack minus defense is your damage but is there a cap on the difference like how magic boost was before?

Physical and magic crit is given a % to crit for the amount you have. Is there a table anywhere for how much?

Defense stats like "block", "parry","magic resistance" all you have have a % to not get hit by 6k accuracy. Is it the same before where defense values needs to be over the opponents accuracy for a % to apply? not 6k?


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  • Chanter
  • Level 1 Training Dummy (Cygnea)
  • Chained Crush - 730 base damage
  • Total Physical Attack in PvE: 14,534 (13,369 Physical Attack + 1,165 PvE Attack)
  • Actual damage: 22,678

730 * (1 + (13369 + 1165) / 1000) * 2 = 22679

So 14,534 net PvE attack is not capped and the full amount applies against a 0-pdef Training Dummy. (Note: "Test Dummy" are completely different things)

Note: Level 76+ characters have old +100% PvE/PvP Attack/Defense


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