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Transformation Time & Appearance Fix


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Dear Support,

I do not agree with other people about feeling being slow as snails or anything. It's just early game feelings.


After you get ancient or legendary contracts, that feeling is gone. I only have ancient contract and I run fast as lightning.


The things that need fixing is the Transformation Appearance And Effect Usage Time. 1 Ancient Transformation  = 6 Mins, It is too short.

1.) Enable Tranparent Transformation Scroll to be used as default and sell it on Gold Sand Market, Just replace the current one.

2.) Increase Ancient or Higher Grade Transformation Usage Time to 9 or 10 mins.


This will solve some problem with kinah issues and make us look ugly with all these form appearances.


Thanks and hope Cyan along with other admin will look and take this into considerations.



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3 hours ago, Qjn-KT said:

A 10min Kaisinel...




10m-20m-1hour, what difference does it make? A person that is able to obtain Kaisinel, will have no problems with scrolls. Do you honestly think someone with Kaisinel won't have 27,600 kinah to rebuff every 2min. The nerf to transformation duration does absolutely nothing to balance transforms and only hurts players struggling with kinah.

My conspiracy theory (tin foil hat firmly pinned in), the only reason this change was made was to sell more transparent transformation scrolls (that were "accidentally" left out of the gold ingot shop) and to remove the exchange potion boxes (which got nerfed by 60% duration) from players inventories asap. 

The nerfs to the stats on the other hand were great and is all that was really needed to balance out the system.

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