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which server is best,and have a lot active player?


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My (slightly biased, cuz asmo-KT) opinion:

  • EK: careful with new servers, there's pros and cons:
    PRO: it 'might' be easier for new players since 'less competition' (but, also less resources available, and some people abused the exchange i've heard).
    CON: population, just like our previous 'new' server Beritra, it might die long before you'll get a merge.
  • KT: Elyos dominated. Please join asmo to balance out the forces! We have cookies also.
  • DN: Asmo dominated. Please join elyos to balance out the forces! I'm pretty sure they don't have cookies tho ;) 

As it now stands DN is  slightly more populated than KT. Which means, in the likely event of a future merge, EK might get merged into KT.
Decide for yourself if that's a pro or con ^^

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I wouldn't touch EK. Both DN and KT are equally good and equally terrible. You can't go wrong with either one.

The idea of "dominated" has ceased to be a big issue now that the siege buff is working. Even outnumbered, forts are flipping and being defended. So pick whichever race appeals to you.

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