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Shugolings are taking to the trees!


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9 hours ago, cruucruu-DN said:

Ncsoft is just trying to teach us how to mountain climb again guys :/

One shugo did teach me the rock it spawned on was climbable but it was tricky to do so but I thought at the time that it had to be some how if he was on there, apparently that was not case when I ran across the one in the trees : P

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18 hours ago, Amarah-KT said:

Found 6 hanging out together in the top of the cliffs in Dormant Levinshor.  Not able to break away from the Windstream to get to them and watched several other people try as well.   Shugos are hanging out laughing at the daevas!  Nyerk!!


They are piling up in the trees too, there is 3 of them between together up in a pair of trees. It is like that secret tree hideout with the roll up ladder!

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