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Forced AION 6.5 Update


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Hi @Cyan,


Is there a way to speed up aion 6.5 update release? 6.5 would solve so many problems that people complain about such as enchantment rates, availability of endgame enchantment stones, GP ranks (will be season based), quests for endgame gear and in general - more content.


NCWest would need just to test 6.5 and stop thinking (if think at all) how to possibly simplify the life to everyone of us. 



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Cyan already posted that they are trying to get the devs to push the change in enchant rates from 6.5 into our build of the game and to increase the rates that we get PvP enchant stones.

No date was given just that that is part of what they have asked the devs for.

Can't remember which thread it's in.

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